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The Rover SD1 - Produced from 1976 to 1988

DRL 748V - 1980 Rover 3500
By chance, I was told of a Series 1 Rover SD1 for sale very local to me, which had been in a timewarp for the past 12 years. One owner from new and in very good condition. I had to go and see it.  This is what we found:

The V8 engine fired into life on the first swing. Bodywork seems fairly pucka. Obviously as it has been dormant for so long, brakes and exhaust  need adjustment/replacement and the engine needs a good service.

That was back in June 2007. I sourced a Rimmers sports exhaust and fitted over the summer. The car was garaged until the winter when I started replacing perished steering bushes and preparing it for an MOT. Upon inspection, the underside was in much better condition than I had imagined, the inner sills look like new.Spring 2008 and MOT time. The car passed without issue, but was suffering from overheating on anything more than a 10min journey. I tried Caustic Soda in the cooling system, but to no avail so changed the head gaskets. 
This seemed to cure the problem, and the car attended many Cornish shows. 
The problem only reared its ugly head again when I was on my way up to Derbyshire for the SD1 Club National when I was towing a caravan. The AA recovered me and a garage diagnosed a blocked radiator. A recore sorted all the problems and I managed to attend the event.
DVLA data suggests that mine is the only Series One 3500 in Atlantis Blue currently on the road, with 2 currently SORN. Towards the end of 2008 I was lucky enough to find one of the SORN cars up for sale quite local to me. A trip to look at it and I secured a deal. Sadly, although MOT had just lapsed, it was too rough to have been economically viable to be put back on the road, but has supplied me with a huge amount of spares.