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Project MG (2007)


My latest project is a 1975 MGB GT, bought locally off ebay. It was last on the road in 2005, and has sat outside ever since. It needs lots of cosmetics and some welding to get it back on the road. I am planning on getting it roadworthy in time for the summer.

As you can see, the chrome strip fixings have rusted away causing them to become loose, and the rust has bled down the doors. A good T-Cut has removed some of this.

For up to date information regarding project MG, see my latest blog entries.

PROJECT MG ZR 160 (2007)

With the MGB GT having nearly passed its MOT, I know I will not be having it for much longer. I recently saw an MG ZR 160 at the local scrap yard. I thought it would make an interesting new project with less rust, so i bought it. It is a damaged repairable Cat C. 2002 52 plate needing a new wing, door and any inseen alterations. The A post appears to be the most damaged area. It does not appear to have buckled and bent the body, but the exterior face has been flattened. Here are some pictures:

The condition when I found it - looking pretty bad.

Today 06/04/2007 with new door fitted. A Post needs reshaping slightly.

Nearside, front and rear are all fine. Cleans up quite well....

UPDATE 25/04/2007

Been and collected the car from Highway garage, St Blazey today. Very happy with the results.
A-Post has been fixed and I have fitted the new front wing and mirror. It is now ready to go for its MOT. Compare the following picture with the one of when I first bought it. Quite a difference.