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The century of change

We see it in the media on a daily basis. Climate change is happening, supposedly due to our carbon emissions causing the greenhouse effect. We are now told to live the 'Green Way'. Airmiles, Foodmiles, our Carbon Footprint, Carbon offsetting, Carbon Neutral - all new buzzwords of the 21st century.

We are being encouraged to buy new, 'greener' cars which have 6-way catalytic converters, small economic engines and also the character of a concrete block. We are encouraged to recycle (scrap) our car if it is beyond its lifecycle (now just 8 years). We never hear how much energy is involved to recycle a car back into usable materials, or how much energy is required to produce a new car.

I personally feel that everyone part of the classic car movement is doing the planet a favour. But there are ways we can make our cars just that little bit more 'green'.

The list below will hopefully grow as I discover more ways to reduce my carbon footprint. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. 


Biodiesel has been in the press recently, negatively portrayed as destroying the countryside as farmers have started growing acre upon acre of biocrops to produce the biodiesel. This is not the kind I am talking about. I have discovered a local farm that produces biodiesel from used catering oil, primarily from fish and chip shops. Penare Farms of Gorran currently sell it at 85p/l which is currently 25p/l cheaper than its mineral alternative. Their product burns cleaner than mineral diesel and is a better lubricant. It actually cleans the fuel lines and engine, removing deposits. It is so effective at doing so, that after 1000 miles of running on Biodiesel it is necessary to change the fuel filter. I have been using it in my Land Rover and have seen a number of improvements. The engine starts easier, produces less smoke, is quieter, is slightly more powerful and the exhaust now smells of doughnuts!

Highly recommended, for more details contact Penare Farms.Click Here